Moles are basically skin growths that form when the skin pigment cells, also called melanocytes, group together in a cluster. Moles normally don’t cause any pain. However, some moles can be cancerous. Now, whether a mole is cancerous or not, can only be ascertained by a doctor after a mole biopsy.

For non-cancerous moles, several mole removal treatments are available on the market that dermatologists recommend and perform.

Mole removal Singapore is a beneficial procedure if we talk about aesthetics. Many people with moles on their faces are always in search of the best procedures for mole removal. It also makes people feel comparatively more confident about their appearance and looks. Similarly, mole removal is also beneficial as if you don’t remove it on time, the risks of it becoming cancerous increase manifold.

Broadly categorized, mole removal treatment can be carried out in two ways:

Traditional method

These methods of mole removal are mostly ones that involve some level of surgery. Following are some of the key traditional mole removal procedures:

i. Excision or Cutting of moles

In this treatment, the mole is removed using surgical scissors. Sometimes the mole grows into the top layer of the skin. So, a small area of skin is also removed in such scenarios. Since cutting and then stitching are involved, the skin is often left with small scars after the treatment.

Local anesthesia is also applied to the area where the mole is present before starting the process of excision or cutting.

Shave removal

This method is used for very small-sized moles. Simply, using a scalpel, the mole is removed from the skin. But before that doctors numb the mole area with local anesthesia. After the mole removal, the area heals within a few days if everything stays normal.


In this simple procedure, liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and then remove non-cancerous moles.

2. Laser mole removal

In this treatment, most physicians use the state-of-the-art Erbium: YAG laser for mole removal, which is a Class Four medical grade laser.

In Laser mole removal treatment, a certified technician focuses laser light on the target area to break down the mole cells in the skin. Also, since laser also helps in permanent hair removal, the thought of the regrowth of hairs in the same mole area will not worry you

Now, we know the different mole removal treatments. But, which one is better?

While traditional methods are in practice for quite a long time, Laser mole removal treatment is a better one of the two. Here is why?

  1. Laser mole removal is a quick treatment whereas traditional methods take time as administration of anesthesia, surgery is involved.
  2. It is less painful than traditional mole removal methods such as cutting and shave removal
  3. Laser mole removal is a precise treatment. No damage is done to the surrounding skin tissues.
  4. it can remove moles from most parts of the body whereas traditional mole removal methods can only be used for open areas.
  5. Laser mole removal saves you from skin scars whereas you might have to face skin scars if you use traditional methods of mole removal.
  6. Laser can remove small moles that protrude less above the skin without any surgery
  7. Laser mole removal treatment can be helpful for eliminating multiple moles at the same time.
  8. Laser treatment is a long-term solution. However, traditional methods don’t guarantee the regrowth of moles in the same area.

All the above points indicate that Laser mole removal treatment offers better options as compared to traditional methods.

While several online sites recommend different home remedies for mole removal, it is always in your best interest to visit an expert doctor like Ensoul laser mole removal and let them devise the best mole removal treatment.


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