Because the world is constantly changing, it is necessary for many businesses and companies to create or redesign their website. However, to provide a modern and attractive platform, Mandreel has brought the trends that have been used in 2021 and will continue to command next year.

The current trends are those that define websites as modern, and functional, but above all that are friendly and provide a satisfactory user experience. This is where UX design comes in, or the fast loading speed that allows the user to stay on the same website for hours. However, there are other trends that have given much to talk about this year and will continue to be the main ones in 2021. Let’s see what they are.

Voice interface

Smart speakers have become increasingly popular. All this has been possible thanks to the different virtual voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, or Cortana, which allow users to interact with the web through voice commands.

Micro animations and movies

Micro-animations are one of the specialties of They consist of small animations that make the website stand out by attracting the user’s attention without interfering with the loading time. On the other hand, the film is a simple image with a dynamic element, which gives a minimalist style to the site but always captures the attention of the consumer.

Strong typographies

When talking about typographies, many designers think of Sans Serif fonts, but these have already gone into the background. Mandreel assures that the new typographic tendencies point towards the use of big, personalized, and bold fonts to stand out among competitors.


Minimalism has already been a big issue in web design trends, but this year it has had an incredible impact. Much of its responsiveness is due to the fact that most websites are now opened from mobile devices, so the best websites must maintain a simple style that can look good on both a computer and a mobile device.

Asymmetric Design

To better combine with strong typographies, many designers have been developing asymmetric structures, and the public seems to enjoy it.


We can say that videos are not a new trend, but they have proven to be an essential element in any web design or marketing strategy. After all, although a consumer does not usually spend much time on the same website, it has been shown that videos continue to attract and keep people in the same place for hours.


They have been implemented in many web designs for some time now, but UX designs show that they improve the user experience exponentially by providing information instantly and around the clock.

Augmented reality

Mandreel has been making inroads into this augmented reality thing, and one of the clearest examples is when we see a 3D navigation bar or even a virtual mirror that consumers can use to try on clothes or accessories.

According to, these are the trends that have been causing a sensation in 2021 and will continue to do so next year. The combination of many of them can facilitate and ensure a satisfactory user experience and thus attract and retain more customers. Likewise, they boost the positioning of a website.  

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