Today, greeting cards become one of the ways to keep in touch with others. Both individuals and businesses use greeting cards! Individual use the card to maintain their relationship with the people they care about. However, for some businesses, they use cards as a medium to keep in touch with their customers and of course for other business purposes.  

To get the cards, there are two alternatives that you can choose for that! The first one is you can go to a stationary store or now there are lots of online websites that will help you get beautiful greeting cards. Then the second one, you can make the card and personalized it. So, which option would you like to choose? The first one or the second one? Or maybe you need to think more about whether to buy it or make it? If that’s what you want to do, maybe a few of the points below will help you make your decision!  

1. Individual or Business 

As mentioned earlier, greeting cards are used by individuals and businesses/organizations. So, which one are you? Are you going to use the card for individual use or business purposes?  

Both individuals and businesses only send the cards when it comes to certain days or special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, or maybe Thanksgiving. So, they don’t usually send the card daily. For individual use, they might just send a few greeting cards even on special days. So, they don’t really need lots of cards. But for businesses, they face the opposite since they have to send cards to their customers or maybe to their business partner as well. We can say that they need more cards.  

For some companies, usually, they choose to make their own card as a cost-effective option. Because the more cards they make, the cheaper the price they have to pay when printing the card at a printing service such as greeting card printing in Singapore. However, for individuals who only make a small number of cards, they probably won’t get the cheaper price because they make a small number of cards. So, whether they buy or make the cards, they actually pay for the same price. 

2. Considering the Time 

So, the next thing that can help you make a decision is you have to ask yourself a few things like when will you need the card? If you think to make it, do you still have time for that? How long does the process of making the card take? Or if your time is limited, can buying a card be faster and be a solution? How long will it take to buy all the cards you need? 

Based on the time you have, these are just a few examples of questions you can ask yourself whether you need to buy the card or make it. You can ask more questions on the same topic as long as the key point is about the time. 

3. Personalized!  

Do you need to do some personalization with your greeting card? That is another question you can ask yourself to help you make a decision. For example, if you are individuals or businesses that want to make a greeting card with some personal touch that can represent you or want to add your brand logo on the card, then you should think about making the card instead of buying it!  

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